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EDM technology offers precise and intricate machining of hard materials, enhancing manufacturing versatility.

Transform your precision manufacturing processes.

EDM technology is the cornerstone of modern, advanced manufacturing techniques. Its non-contact nature eliminates the need for cutting tools, reducing mechanical stress on the workpiece and minimising tool wear. EDM machines enhance your design possibilities and enable you to work with hard, complex materials with peak accuracy and intricate detailing, all while reducing material waste.

Achieve higher accuracy at lower costs thanks to Sodick’s EDM technology.

Sodick EDM machines are manufactured using a vertical integration approach, ensuring the highest quality standards, efficient cost management, and resulting in cost savings for our customers. Thanks to our exclusive rigid linear motor drives, Socick machines require no maintenance.

  • Motion Control Technology
    Sodick’s Motion Controller Technology (K-SMC) has been designed to accompany our patented linear motor drives. It enables rapid adjustments to spark gaps, achieving servo response at a remarkable rate of 500 times per second.
  • Linear Motor Drives
    Sodick’s EDM machines feature our patented rigid linear motor technology. These drives negate the need for maintenance and enable uninterrupted, dependable machining.
  • Ceramic Components
    One of Sodick’s many innovations is the use of ceramic components in our EDM machines. Their thermal stability and wear resistance greatly enhance a machine’s durability, accuracy, efficiency and lead to higher quality products.
  • On Board Programming
    Sodick machines benefit from AI assistance to ensure that your parts are produced using the quickest and most efficient process possible.
  • iGroove+ Wire Rotation
    iGroove+ is Sodick’s innovative wire rotation technology, designed to increase surface accuracy and quality while using less wire.
  • 10-Year Positioning Guarantee
    All of our rigid linear motor-driven EDM machines come with a 10-Year Positioning Guarantee so that you can rest assured and rely on Sodick’s superior accuracy.

Reach greater levels of precision with your new wire, sinker or small hole EDM machine from Sodick’s extensive selection.

For assistance in selecting the best EDM machine for your operation, contact a Sodick specialist today.

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